Another Best Sony Laptops for Your Future


Sony really seems to have upped its game in the laptop market over the past few years. In particular, they have made great inroads into the budget laptop market. Only a couple of years ago you had to pay serious money for a Sony laptop, but that is no longer the case. With Sony now a major player in this sector it is pretty easy to pick up a mobile phone with a free Sony laptop as they are almost always in stock.

Sony’s Reputation as a Laptop Manufacturer is solid having built its reputation in the higher end of the market. Their machines are well put together, stylish and reliable, however, they are often expensive when compared to models delivering similar performance from other brands, to a point you do pay more for the name ‘Sony’, but to nowhere near the extent you will pay for Apple.

However, Sony computers and laptops do have a reputation for lasting a long time and hardly ever breaking. And even if they do break Sony are always helpful in getting the machine repaired quickly (usually for a hefty fee). Many people are of the opinion that the extra cost needed to pay for and maintain a Sony machine is worth the quality of the product.

Sony laptops are often ranked as the best laptops in the industry. There are many reasons for this. The first being that Sony laptops are world-class in the aspect of their manufacturing processes and product design, when Sony designs something new, the rest of the laptop world is quick to follow. Sony also offers a wide range of laptops within different price brackets which has allowed them to make inroads in the “value” sector.

Sony’s Budget laptops

Although Sony does produce ‘budget’ laptops, these still come with a hefty price tag (when compared to a true budget machine, like an Acer Laptop for example.


The NS30E/S costs around £499 although it can be found online for less (such as for £495). With a 3GB hard drive, this machine is quite speedy and ideal for multimedia multitasking. The NS30E/S can support the memory of up to 8GB but it will cost extra. The screen is 15.4 inches which are about average for a home laptop, good for using video producing software, especially if you want to view your creations full screen.

The hard drive is also good at 250 GB, lots of space there for many software installations. The integrated 1.3-megapixel webcam is also a good feature, ideal for keeping up with friends on the move. The weight of the laptop is 2.9kg so it isn’t a light laptop. The NS30E/S only comes in silver.


The Sony VAIO VGN-P11ZR is primarily designed to be a portable laptop so it isn’t suitable for someone who wants a laptop to use at home and store lots of information on.

The VGN-P11ZR has a hard drive of 60GB and a memory of 2GB. That amount of memory would usually be not enough but seeing as the VGN-P11ZR is designed to be used for internet on the move, 2GB is plenty. The VGN-P11ZR holds an Intel Atom Z520 Processor, impressive for a laptop of that size. It comes in three colors, Red, Blue, and Black and weighs a tiny 0.6kg. The VGN-P11ZR comes complete with wireless internet technology so connecting to the web on the go is easy and quick.


The Sony VGN-NW11SS is a more traditional laptop in terms of size. It is the cheapest laptop of its kind that Sony offers. With a 4GB memory and a 320GB hard drive, this a serious machine, suited to multitasking big programmers so it would be suitable for someone who uses their laptop for creative purposes.

This laptop is £750, so although it is one of Sony’s cheapest, it isn’t cheap. You can get a laptop that has most of the same specifications from other companies for at least £100 cheaper. The battery life is very disappointing in this laptop at up to 2 hours. Compared to other laptops of the same specifications this is really quite bad.

A Dell Studio 15 has all the same memory, processor, and hard drive but has up to 3.5 hours battery. This laptop is ideal for you if you plan on using it at home only but is you’re looking for something to use on the move you’re better off looking for something with a bit more battery life.

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