The Best Alcohol Gadgets and You Can Enjoy Party Gadgets


There is another part of fun “alcohol” gadgets that will definitely light up the fun at your party If you already have your teeth full of classic parties where nothing special is really happening except drinking try to liven up the fun with one of the following goodies.

In almost every club today they have football, players then bet on beer, a shot, etc. So why not have a similar football at home? With the difference that your football will contain a little more alcohol, because you can set the rules yourself, it is usually played as follows: Whoever gets the goal drinks a shot. Simple, after one such game, you can be really socially tired, if you don’t know football very much.

Another alcohol game is based on roulette motifs. The roulette is marked with numbers and contains 16 glasses. The rules are simple. Whoever dials the number he has previously bet on is immune and the other teammates must drink. If you fill the glasses with something not too strong, roulette is definitely fun for a while. Otherwise, the next day you will remember about just the beginning of the game.

And our last alcohol game will be five in Line for adults. As the playing field is limited, you will have to be very careful with each of your moves, otherwise, you risk a rapid inability to continue. At each loss, the loser drinks a glass. As you can see, the rules are simple.

The only condition is to have resilient teammates and a lot of alcohol.
So much for today’s alcohol gadgets in the next sequel, you can look forward to other tweaks that can liven up your party.

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate party you could do with an unlimited supply of money and madness? We searched the internet for you and chose the most devilish party gadgets that will put you on your ass.

Your party goes on indefinitely, you have to end and the guests don’t and won’t leave? How about pushing a little 50 Tasers! Taser is an electric shock device designed for self-defense; imagine having 50 at home randomly distributed throughout the apartment and with remote control.

That you didn’t invite these people? Press the button and 50 Tasers will escort them out! There’s already a mess in the house, and have any of the guests smashed the Chinese porcelain that cost a fortune again? Maybe it’s time to push a button and escort all the shocked guests.

Another ultimately crazy party gadget is the overgrown iPod, in which you can really steam! Inside the iPod, of course, is a rotating disco ball and cradle for your iPod. So just open the door, choose a song on your iPod and the party can begin.

How would you like to spread a 10-meter inflatable mega screen in the garden and project a bombastic blockbuster from Hollywood on it? You certainly can’t attract more attention to yourself and you are guaranteed to fit your party with tomato. Legendary!

Music is one of the most important at a party, and a proper speaker system can’t do without a proper subwoofer. No matter how gigantic a subwoofer your neighbor is down the street, with this subwoofer, every other subwoofer will look like a whistling little girl.

The really massive subwoofers at huge parties can bass to a frequency of at least 20 Hz, this one can do with an overview of 5 Hz. What does it mean? Imagine that Jet starts at home. You won’t hear bass below 20 Hz, but the whole house will literally bounce for it.

Imagine having a retro video game with a built-in beep at home! No more running out for a beer, with this party gadget you are guaranteed to fit your party to the ultimate.

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