Trying a Different Kind of Gadgets in Your Life


If you still have an old trusted cassette radio in your car, then this is really the ultimate product, your old radio will have the opportunity to play music via Bluetooth in no time. Bluetooth functionality is not the only thing, it is also equipped with 2 USB ports with which you can charge your phone, for example.

The 2S is as we are used to durable metals and plastics. The Bluetooth FM transmitter feels very sturdy. It is also equipped with a microphone and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip. The 2S is very small and has a nice sleek look. Thanks to the microphone, you can use it to make hands-free calls.

The 2S is really very easy to use. You download the app on your mobile device and you put the device in the cigarette holder. Then your mobile device can be paired. Once your mobile device is paired with the Roidmi, you should choose the frequency that works best for you. Once you have done this, you can use the Roidmi freely for example with your favorite streaming apps such as Specify or Google Play Music.

Due to the Bluetooth 4.2, the connection is very good, something that often does not go well with other Bluetooth FM transmitters. The Xiaomi Roidmi 2s is also equipped with an LED indicator for the USB ports and through the app, you can adjust the colors of the LED.

Furthermore, the 2S comes with some extra functionality, such as voice recognition. You can use this to say commands such as “Next Song” or “Tell me the weather” to execute them. It is also equipped with the function “Shake a Shake” and with this, you can ensure that the next song starts playing by shaking your phone.

The Key Smart is the ultimate solution to replace the traditional bunch of keys. The Key Smart ensures that you can carry your messy key ring neatly and compactly. The Key Smart is made of reinforced aluminum and is therefore very robust. The Key Smart is available in many different colors.

The Key Smart looks a bit like a Swiss army knife and is made in Chicago, all keys are well organized in the Key Smart. It is also nice that your keys are now in a fixed place so that you can take them out more easily. I have also tried the Key Smart and there is actually no key that does not fit. In the standard Key Smart, there is space for 3 or 4 keys, and for a car key with the supplied loop ring.

If you do not have a car, you can remove the race ring so that there is more space for another key. In practice, you will soon see that 3 or 4 keys are not enough. For that, there is the Key Smart Expansion Pack. These sets contain pins and fillings for space. By using an Expansion Pack you double the number of keys you can put in it.

I think the Key Smart is a very nice gadget. It certainly takes some getting used to since you are always used to that old trusted keyring. The Key Smart answers the dilemma of crowded bunches of keys and keys stinging you. I also like that all my keys are now organized in the key holder.

After a while you know where which key is and this is much easier than you are looking through your key ring. It is also possible to add fun and useful additions to your Key Smart, for example. You can, for example, use a USB in this. A USB takes up 2 places of keys. But it is also possible to add a bottle opener or a flashlight to the Key Smart. The idea of ​​the Key Smart is very simple, but it is very nice to use.

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