You Should Know All About While You Are on Autumn Vacations Travel


Didn’t make it out of town this summer?

Now it is your chance. Just as everyone is heading back to work and school you can go away. Traveling during low-season is the perfect way to avoid the crowds and benefit from the best deals. After all, you did work all summer right? Here are a couple of places worth a visit this autumn.


Catch the end of the summer’s Greek island hopping in Mykonos. Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, attracting fun and cosmopolitan group of tourists. Known for its exciting nightlife, Mykonos has some of the best clubs in the country. If clubbing isn’t your thing then enjoy a cocktail on the beach and some delicious fresh fish at one of the many mouthwatering restaurants.


For those of us that find sightseeing in the heat absolutely oppressive, autumn is the best time to visit Rome. It is impossible to walk more than 100 meters without passing a historic building or world-renowned gallery. Each restaurant you pass is better than the last, each shop more glamorous and each person more beautiful. The Italians really do know how to entertain.


If you have the chance to make it to Oktoberfest then you should definitely go. Oktoberfest is a sixteen-day festival held every year in Germany that attracts about six million people- talk about the street parade! There’s tons of delicious (and filling) food to be eaten and beer to be drunk.


Some people say it’s the most romantic city on Earth, others think it is the most fun. I am reminded of its beauty every time I return. Paris is a city that possesses some of the world’s most stunning art, stored in the most magnificent galleries, museums, parks, and churches. It is a place to fall in love. It is a place to write poetry, take photographs, paint, and create. It is certainly a place to eat the most delicious pastries one can imagine.

New York:

Ahhh… New York in the fall even though New York has been partying all summer long, they will definitely be continuing throughout the fall, and winter, and spring… Tree branches will start to shed and Central Park will become covered in piles of red and orange and yellow leaves. It’s time to head back to school, and back to work. But mostly it’s time to start preparing for Halloween, a weekend in NYC that should not be missed.

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